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Sunday, July 17, 2005
  Clinton; Sex, Codes and Video Games
The woman alone makes laugh everytime I see her. Do you think she is trying to swing us on the right over to her side......hahaha, what a joke.

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Saturday, July 16, 2005
  Thank God Hockey is Back!

I thought the night sweats would never end! I was going crazy missing the great sport of hockey. Of course, there is always the WHL, AHL, OHL, CHL and many more but there is something special about the NHL. I mean, where else can I go to a place that charges me $50 for a ticket, $100 for booze and be surrounded by people who have no clue what is occurring in front of them on the ice. I have never been as amazed as when I was at a San Jose Sharks game and got yelled at by a wine and cheese eating lady because I heckled one of our home team players, Mike Rathje. He is another blog all together; by far he is the worst defensemen in the world of hockey. Anyway, the story goes like this.

My best buddies and I are watching the game and having a great time. A great time that is until Magical Mike got onto the ice. He has probably allowed more goals to be scored in a period than most goalies in their careers. This guy is horrible; anyway, I begin to heckle him like any self respecting hockey fan would do. Now this lady gives me the “how rude” look. I, being a man of principle, proceed to continue the heckling, which as you have seen from some of my other blogs gets pretty good. The wine and cheese lady proceeds to get the security guard, who, when explained the situation, laughs at the lady and says, “Lady this is hockey, if you were in Canada I be authorized to kick you out of here for complaining like this. Plus, Rathje sucks so sit down and watch the game. Hell, you should heckle him, while you’ve been up the guy let another guy past him and they scored.” To this, the wine and cheese lady grabbed her husband and they left.

I implore you, if you don’t know anything about hockey, catch a game, watch and learn and then enjoy the rest of your life. Because without hockey, life sucks.
  The Left Under Attack
This is GREAT! Fox vs. Crook.

Just follow the link above to see how the left thinks. This is much like a conversation I had about two weeks ago. Awesome.
Thursday, July 14, 2005
  Pizza, Patriotism and Our Allies

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) - A Danish pizzeria owner went to jail Tuesday for refusing to serve French and German tourists in protesting their countries' opposition to the U.S.-led war in Iraq.

A Danish court found Aage Bjerre guilty of discrimination and sentenced him to pay a 5,000-kroner fine, about $900 US. Bjerre refused to pay, and will now serve an eight-day sentence at a minimum security prison.

"I'm doing it to show my sympathy with the United States. It shows how seriously I mean it," he told The Associated Press by telephone.

"But one should also remember that eight days is a small price to pay when American soldiers go to Iraq and risk their limbs and lives," he said.

In February 2003, before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, Bjerre posted two signs barring Germans and French from his pizzeria on Denmark's western island of Fanoe. The signs showed human figures in the colours of countries flags, with a line drawn through them indicating "no admittance."

The boycott drew criticism in this Scandinavian country, where the government supported the war while its citizens were split.

The 46-year-old received hundreds of fan letters from the United States, but had to sell the pizzeria after repeated vandalism and a large drop in sales.

"I can't afford to buy a new pizzeria after all the money I lost on the whole thing, and other pizzerias are wary of hiring me because they know I'm sticking to my principles and still won't serve German and French tourists," he said.

He is bringing a photograph of U.S. President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush, as well as an American flag, to decorate the walls of his prison cell.

"I think that will brighten up the room," he said.
Monday, July 11, 2005
  Nixon's Dead, I Smell a Road Trip!
It is always crazy days like today when I recall getting a phone call from my buddy Chuck Farnham who uttered those very words, “Nixon’s dead, I smell a road trip”. Now Chuck and I had been doing the “road trip” thing for years, going from oddity to bizarre location all over the United States. A majority of the time the places that we went were famous locations in which a star had been killed or committed suicide. This time it was different. Former President Richard Nixon had passed and Chuck thought it would be a great idea to put on a bit for the radio station Live 105, a local San Francisco radio station.

So, there we go, April 1994. Chuck and I in our standard Hertz rental car. A new (1994) Cadillac El Dorado, white with leather interior. I always drove, chuck always handled the food, music, mapping and creating the “Super Dew”. Which, for those of you who don’t know what “Super Dew” is, just add powdered Fruit Punch Cool-Aid to a 2 liter of Mountain Dew (for a good time add Gin whilst not driving!). It is enough to make a meth addict cry, you ain’t fallin’ asleep for a good couple days after some “Super Dew”. Anyway, back to the high jinks. So we head south, destination, Yorba Linda. Home of the Richard M. Nixon Memorial Birthplace and Library (also, at the time, soon to be resting place).

We arrived late the night before the burial, so we decided to get some much needed rest. Find a hotel? Ha, we scoff at hotels when we are in the Caddy, Chucks in back and I am in front for some much needed sleep. We awoke to the hustle and bustle of people pouring in from miles around, invading casa de Hertz, which we parked next to the library.

Grab some breakfast and stand in line, for hours we just stood in line, waiting to see the casket of the dead president. Around noon time, as our stomachs begin to grumble, we have an epiphany. What would any good conservative entrepreneurs do? If we’re hungry, I bet most of these people in line are hungry. Chuck and I have a brief pow-wow and convince the people standing in line around us that for the cost of a sandwich would they hold our spot. “No problem”, was there response and off to the super market we went. Between Chuck and I we had about $100. Which we bought sodas and sandwiches. Next stop, the front of the line. I deployed all the way to the front of the line selling “Commerative Richard M. Nixon Sandwiches and Sodas”. We spent $100 and for that $100 we got $450 in return and a ton of comments about what an enterprising bunch of guys we were, Tricky Dick would’ve been proud.

“Stay right here” Chuck says to me. It was radio time and Chuck wanted to get in a better position to be live on the air. He had worked his way all the way into where the casket would be placed in a mere hour. Subverting bomb dogs and Secret Service Agents, Chuckie made it to the astro-turf area in which Nixon’s casket would be placed to call in and do the show. The very next thing I remember is Chuckie, running with the cell phone to his ear, a chunk of astro-turf in his hand and a look like, “dude, we need to get the hell out of here!”

Chuckie, the crafty veteran of souvenirs managed to score a piece of the final resting place for Nixon’s casket prior to being put in the ground. I still have that piece of astro-turf and I know Chuckie still has his. Needless to say, we didn’t stick around much after the “astro-turf” incident, but what a great time.
Friday, July 08, 2005
  What Would Ollie Do?
The words of the Colonel Oliver North, USMC (ret.) seem fitting for a day like today. In light of all my recent posts and current events. Semper Fi Ollie!

"Those on the far left are employing the same kind of rhetoric and tactics that worked during the Vietnam War -- where overheated rhetoric and the most vile slander are acceptable if they tarnish the president and hurt our war effort. They have no shame. They play politics like the Islamo-fascists conduct warfare -- dirty, ruthless and reckless, with no discernible rules, no regard for fact and no compunction about stabbing people in the back." --Oliver North
Thursday, July 07, 2005
  London's Calling!
What a day. My thoughts and prayers are with every one of our friends across the pond. God speed and good luck finding and fighting the bastards that attacked you!

On a lighter note, you really want to take good ol' BART when you wake up to the fact that yet another terrorist attack has occurred, on public transit. I drove in today and was glad that I did. There is a definite level of personal safety one feels when they are in "control"” and behind the wheel.

Back to the facts, what is funny is, the terrorist don't care about people with the view point of our good friend "Christy", to them, they are the enemy and deserve death whether they support the war or not. This is something the left will never understand.

Until next time, I remain, The City Stalker
Tuesday, July 05, 2005
  Bart Strike....
....need I say more. Check out BART's site for details. We're gonna strike, we're not gonna strike, we're gonna strike. Make up your minds! I can't wait to join my 300,000 fellow BART patrons on the Bay Area roads to make it into work. Yes, relax we will be "car-pooling". At least I won't have to sit next to some of the crazy people on the BART like I usually do. My favorite is the Scientologist that was angry that my pregnant wife wouldn't give up her seat for her and proceeded to announce to the entire train that she was more than entitled to a seat on this train. Hello, my wife is pregnant, she should stand for an hour? Wacko! Nope, actually I forgot, my favorite crazy rider was the guy who was in a three piece suit that decided to put on red lipstick before he ate a banana, what the hell was that about? Another "normal" person. Wacko's! See you on the road.
Monday, July 04, 2005
  This is How I Spent My 4th!
This is AWESOME. I have posted a transcript of events from a blog that I got myself into while I was surfing the net. As much as the user "Christy" wants to silence us, the truth won't be silenced. She ended and restricted the blog to members only after she couldn't take anymore. Awesome! This post is not intended for anyone under the age of 18. "Christy" enjoys using foul language, please refrain from using it. However, if you feel you must, go ahead.
  4th of July Thoughts
Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, screams the true meaning of the 4th of July like the liberal left crying about the death toll in Iraq. Set aside the number of peace time deaths by our service members who have conformed to the Clinton era leadership mistakes that have been ingrained into our military leadership. DUI’s, murder, theft, drug abuse and the hits just keep on coming with our Solders, Sailors, Airmen and Marines while they are stationed in the good old USA thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. So the left is shouting as loud as they can, “Why are we still in Iraq?” It is simple; killing terrorists in the Middle East prevents the killing of innocent Americans here in the United States. I would argue we lose more of our service members to peacetime stupidity than we have in this battle against Terrorists.

In the minds of extremist Muslims, a struggle with the evil empire of the West needs support from everyone, regardless of location, in the place in which the battle is being fought. If we were in the Philippines fighting radical Islam, the Syrian extremists would wind up there fighting us, just like they are in Iraq.

“No War On Iraq”. If I see another one of these bumper stickers I am going to lose my mind. Where did these people go to school? Grammatically, shouldn’t it be, no war in Iraq? Microsoft Word even underlines it as being grammatically incorrect. These are the same people that thought our government was wrongly investigating everyone during the 50’s as being communists. Well, I hate to break the news to you, but they were. Thank god that they were to, if it wasn’t for the VENONA project we never would have known about the KGB agents that had infiltrated the highest positions in our government.

I love this country and more importantly I have served my country and continue to serve it today. I enjoy the fact that the left is able to protest and complain about our war against the Terrorists (it is not a war on terrorism by the way, terrorism is a tactic, we are at war against Terrorists.). A thank you from them would be nice, but it is not necessary. Just please, don’t say that the lives lost in Iraq are useless deaths, service men and women are giving everything to this country to ensure that another 9/11 doesn’t take place. You remember that don’t you, planes used as weapons against Americans in the United States, I am afraid that too many have forgotten. Our service members are locating, closing with and destroying the enemy so that you and I can sit peacefully here at home reading and posting stupid blogs on the Internet. To our service men and women, I say, “Thank you”. To the liberal left, I say, “Your welcome”. Now, I am going to go blow up some good old Chinese fireworks to honor our great country.
Saturday, July 02, 2005
  Adventures in Pregnancy
Yes, the rumors are true, my wife is pregnant. She is actually 33 weeks today. Yes, we know what we are having. It’s a Girl! Yes, we already have a name picked out. These are just some of the questions thrown at the soon to be parents and everyone has their own opinion on if we should know what sex it is before she is born or if we should have a name picked out already. Enough already!

“You won’t be sleeping much!” “Oh, your first one is always early.” “Oh, your first one is always late.” “If you are carrying high, it’s a girl” Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. As a guy you can only stand about five minutes of these types of conversations before you start losing your mind. I find it rather funny in fact to play off of some of these little clichés. This usually helps me pass the time of being stuck in some maternity store in the city while some salesperson tries to tell my wife that the bra she is currently wearing will cut-off the milk production in her breasts. Even more information I really don’t need to know.

The bottom line is, when you see that poor guy walking with his hormone filed pregnant wife and you have a comment about what you know about having a baby, just keep it inside. Treat it like a secret cookie of knowledge that only you have and spare that poor guy from the onslaught of things that he has probably already heard.
Friday, July 01, 2005
  Angel Island….The New Land of the Lost
Oh yes, the smell of warm urine in the morning always brings a smile to my face. There is nothing better when you are drudging your way into work to some non descript office building in downtown San Francisco then having to hurdle masses of feces and dodge rivers of urine. For that reason, and that reason alone, I hate my walk from BART to work everyday. Now, you may be asking yourself, “Self, why do I encounter all this urine and feces on my humble journey into work everyday?” The answer is simple, the homeless in this fair city of San Francisco are out of control. Now, I won’t profess to knowing what the right or wrong solution to this problem is, but I will however, give you my solution.

The daily “Sink or Swim” to Angel Island. In a city of 750,000 people and a police force of 1,700 one would think that the numbers of homeless could be organized sufficiently to participate in this life altering event. Heck, we could even televise it. You think Survivor is cool, check out Sink or Swim! Here is the idea. Take the police and have them round up every homeless person in the city. I know this may take sometime, but hey, that’s what they get paid for. Rally the homeless down in one of the wharf warehouses for a couple of days to treat their injuries, feed them and allow them time to rest. Once a majority of them has been collected, you begin the competition.

The mission, should they chose to except it, is to swim from the wharf to Angel Island. They make it, great, they don’t, then they must leave San Francisco never to return. Once on the Island they will be given everything they need to survive to include tools, shelter, medical attention, police protection and so on. Sound kinda familiar? Sound kinda like the aid we give third world countries? Hey, it makes sense, the new Land of the Lost. They can live there for free as long as they need to get off dope, to become educated, to simply just get better and off back into a civilized community.

Set aside the good it would do for the community and the homeless in this city and just think about the hours upon hours of reality television you could get out of this. “Sink or Swim, coming to a station near you. Airing Monday thru Friday 6am to 9am. If you think Survivor is cool, then you’ve got to see this!” You could even run the news in a catchy little banner like CNN at the bottom of the show, awesome.
Among the many droves of non-observers lurks a man with many observations, opinions and comments that few will agree with and many will rebel against. That man is, The City Stalker.

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