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Monday, July 04, 2005
  4th of July Thoughts
Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, screams the true meaning of the 4th of July like the liberal left crying about the death toll in Iraq. Set aside the number of peace time deaths by our service members who have conformed to the Clinton era leadership mistakes that have been ingrained into our military leadership. DUI’s, murder, theft, drug abuse and the hits just keep on coming with our Solders, Sailors, Airmen and Marines while they are stationed in the good old USA thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. So the left is shouting as loud as they can, “Why are we still in Iraq?” It is simple; killing terrorists in the Middle East prevents the killing of innocent Americans here in the United States. I would argue we lose more of our service members to peacetime stupidity than we have in this battle against Terrorists.

In the minds of extremist Muslims, a struggle with the evil empire of the West needs support from everyone, regardless of location, in the place in which the battle is being fought. If we were in the Philippines fighting radical Islam, the Syrian extremists would wind up there fighting us, just like they are in Iraq.

“No War On Iraq”. If I see another one of these bumper stickers I am going to lose my mind. Where did these people go to school? Grammatically, shouldn’t it be, no war in Iraq? Microsoft Word even underlines it as being grammatically incorrect. These are the same people that thought our government was wrongly investigating everyone during the 50’s as being communists. Well, I hate to break the news to you, but they were. Thank god that they were to, if it wasn’t for the VENONA project we never would have known about the KGB agents that had infiltrated the highest positions in our government.

I love this country and more importantly I have served my country and continue to serve it today. I enjoy the fact that the left is able to protest and complain about our war against the Terrorists (it is not a war on terrorism by the way, terrorism is a tactic, we are at war against Terrorists.). A thank you from them would be nice, but it is not necessary. Just please, don’t say that the lives lost in Iraq are useless deaths, service men and women are giving everything to this country to ensure that another 9/11 doesn’t take place. You remember that don’t you, planes used as weapons against Americans in the United States, I am afraid that too many have forgotten. Our service members are locating, closing with and destroying the enemy so that you and I can sit peacefully here at home reading and posting stupid blogs on the Internet. To our service men and women, I say, “Thank you”. To the liberal left, I say, “Your welcome”. Now, I am going to go blow up some good old Chinese fireworks to honor our great country.


This woman is crazy.
interesting how people who cant take the heat always show up in some elses fireplace.
I wonder if she will make any more comments about being "gutted" for her children?
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