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Tuesday, July 05, 2005
  Bart Strike....
....need I say more. Check out BART's site for details. We're gonna strike, we're not gonna strike, we're gonna strike. Make up your minds! I can't wait to join my 300,000 fellow BART patrons on the Bay Area roads to make it into work. Yes, relax we will be "car-pooling". At least I won't have to sit next to some of the crazy people on the BART like I usually do. My favorite is the Scientologist that was angry that my pregnant wife wouldn't give up her seat for her and proceeded to announce to the entire train that she was more than entitled to a seat on this train. Hello, my wife is pregnant, she should stand for an hour? Wacko! Nope, actually I forgot, my favorite crazy rider was the guy who was in a three piece suit that decided to put on red lipstick before he ate a banana, what the hell was that about? Another "normal" person. Wacko's! See you on the road.
Hey at least you improve your chances of not dying in an explosion in the transbay tube.
And now you can actually drink something or eat and not risk a HUGE fine...
.....good point.
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