The City Stalker
Thursday, July 07, 2005
  London's Calling!
What a day. My thoughts and prayers are with every one of our friends across the pond. God speed and good luck finding and fighting the bastards that attacked you!

On a lighter note, you really want to take good ol' BART when you wake up to the fact that yet another terrorist attack has occurred, on public transit. I drove in today and was glad that I did. There is a definite level of personal safety one feels when they are in "control"” and behind the wheel.

Back to the facts, what is funny is, the terrorist don't care about people with the view point of our good friend "Christy", to them, they are the enemy and deserve death whether they support the war or not. This is something the left will never understand.

Until next time, I remain, The City Stalker
bomb here bomb there, just another day at the office for any guy wearin a towel on his head...
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Among the many droves of non-observers lurks a man with many observations, opinions and comments that few will agree with and many will rebel against. That man is, The City Stalker.

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