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Saturday, July 16, 2005
  Thank God Hockey is Back!

I thought the night sweats would never end! I was going crazy missing the great sport of hockey. Of course, there is always the WHL, AHL, OHL, CHL and many more but there is something special about the NHL. I mean, where else can I go to a place that charges me $50 for a ticket, $100 for booze and be surrounded by people who have no clue what is occurring in front of them on the ice. I have never been as amazed as when I was at a San Jose Sharks game and got yelled at by a wine and cheese eating lady because I heckled one of our home team players, Mike Rathje. He is another blog all together; by far he is the worst defensemen in the world of hockey. Anyway, the story goes like this.

My best buddies and I are watching the game and having a great time. A great time that is until Magical Mike got onto the ice. He has probably allowed more goals to be scored in a period than most goalies in their careers. This guy is horrible; anyway, I begin to heckle him like any self respecting hockey fan would do. Now this lady gives me the “how rude” look. I, being a man of principle, proceed to continue the heckling, which as you have seen from some of my other blogs gets pretty good. The wine and cheese lady proceeds to get the security guard, who, when explained the situation, laughs at the lady and says, “Lady this is hockey, if you were in Canada I be authorized to kick you out of here for complaining like this. Plus, Rathje sucks so sit down and watch the game. Hell, you should heckle him, while you’ve been up the guy let another guy past him and they scored.” To this, the wine and cheese lady grabbed her husband and they left.

I implore you, if you don’t know anything about hockey, catch a game, watch and learn and then enjoy the rest of your life. Because without hockey, life sucks.
100 bucks for booze, that is a steal! They HAVE to do something about that!
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